We focus on making life better for dental practice owners, associates, and employees.

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We are a team of match makers, process improvers, and change catalysts.

Bob Spiel – Founding Partner of Dentist Partner Pros

Robert (Bob) Spiel

Founding Partner

Bryton Nield –Founding Partner of Dentist Partner Pros

Bryton Nield

Founding Partner

Zach Hall – VP of Recruiting for Dentist Partner Pros

Zach Hall

VP of Recruiting

Tyler Slaughter – Recruiter for Dentist Partner Pros

Tyler Slaughter


We honor 6 core values that shape the way we do business.

  • We strive for win-win.
  • We are trustworthy.
  • We have character and competence.
  • We are vulnerable.
  • We set proper expectations.
  • We value results over image.
  • We value quality over quantity.
  • We follow and trust the process.
  • We do not take shortcuts.
  • We are obsessed with improvement.
  • We ask great questions and listen intently to the answers.
  • We support each other in and out of the business.
  • We value time off.
  • We play hard.
  • We put first things first.
  • We are ONE internally.
  • We are on the same team as our clients.
  • We play unselfishly and for each other.
  • We build leaders at all levels.
  • We believe leadership is the single greatest force in life and in business.
  • We teach and practice upside-down leadership.
  • Profit is a result, not the reason.
  • We give 1% of revenue to charities.

Some might ask why we do what we do.

“So, How Exactly Does One End up in the Business of Dental Associateships, Partnerships, and Leadership?”

The Dentist Partner Pros Backstory – Bob Spiel

Back in 2010, the voice on the other end of the phone was about to share a dental industry statistic I would never forget. Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, the legendary dental consultant and speaker who had become a dear friend and mentor, rather nonchalantly shared in her fun West Virginia accent, “You know, Bob, we have a 75% failure rate in having associate dentists stay for longer than a year.” My jaw hit the floor. I asked her if anyone knew the reason why, and she calmly replied, “No. We’ve just accepted that’s the way it is.” This conversation was the start of Dentist Partner Pros – even though it would take another 12 years before DPP was officially launched as a company.
Dentistry found me back in 2008 after having been in healthcare for the past 10 years, most recently serving as a hospital and surgical center CEO. Prior to climbing into healthcare, I had been an operations director for 2 mid-cap companies. Those roles encompassed hiring hundreds of team members from entry-level up to executive positions. In healthcare I’d recruited physicians. Never had I heard of such a low success rate for placing a new executive level hire. Associate medical doctors don’t even fail at this level.
Using my experience in hiring, and deep love for solving chronic problems, the journey began to determine why dentistry was afflicted with this dynamic – and what could be done about it. Drawing upon years of experience with hiring outside of dentistry, and then seeing what made dentistry so unique, a set of solutions came into focus. These solutions were then employed, refined, and used very successfully for my practice management clients over the next 10 years — until Dentist Partner Pros was born to take these practice and life changing solutions throughout dentistry. Bryton Nield and I partnered up in late 2021 to make these solutions available throughout the industry, while constantly refining them further and further. We’ve brought on excellent team members and the idea, born during a phone call, has grown to an extent I never would have dreamed of. 

3 important ways Dentist Partner Pros helps dental practice owners improve their business:

Add an associate.
Expand your care.

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Enhance your onboarding.
Replace stress with success.

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Align your partnership.
Renew your vision.

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We flipped the industry's 75% new-hire failure rate into an astonishing 85% success rate.

Dentists laugh together

We saw a problem – 75% of dental associate hires fail within 1 year. So we fixed it – we developed an associate hiring system that works.

  • We've created more than 50 successful associateships.
  • When we hire your next associate, you save +/- 150 hours of work.
  • Our clients have achieved revenue growth of over 50%.
The Dentist Partner Pros team has worked with hundreds of practice owners and presented to thousands of dentists over the past 15 years. During that time, we've tested and improved our solutions to make them easy and effective. Our solutions create thriving associateships, partnerships, and teams.
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