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The Dentist Partner Pros Way


To find the right person to fit the right Practice, you must begin with the end in mind.
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After several interviews, surveys, and reference calls, DPP will introduce the final candidates to the Senior Doctor.
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Follow Through

Even though DPP has found and placed the right associate with the right Practice, it still takes work to succeed in the new relationship.
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If you think hiring the right associate is an investment, try hiring the wrong one,

Hiring the right associate is more important than ever before with corporate dentistry recruiting and keeping top talent.

Preventing dental divorces since 2010.

It’s no secret private practice dentistry is under attack behind the scenes at every dental school. Corporate dentistry is stealing the vast majority of quality dental grads, telling them the fee for service practice is dead. But this announcement of death is self-serving and premature. Everyday tens of thousands of private practice owners are heroes to their patients, delivering outstanding care, growing their practices – and wondering if they will ever be able to replicate themselves with a successful associate relationship, or transition their practice at the right time, in the right way to the right person.

Our Promise

All clients can expect the following:

Onsite office visit to get team feedback
Weekly updates on hiring progress
Behavioral-based interviewing
Multiple assessments and survey’s
Employee contract assistance
18-month “marriage counseling”

“Setting the new doctor up for success” team training

What Our
Client’s are


Doug Green

Dr. Green: Now knowing the process that Bob does to be able to find associates for other doctors, you really can’t appreciate that until you actually go through it. But he did all the leg work for me. All the things I wanted to say that I didn’t know to say, he already knew because of his experience within the health care and dental industries. And it just made the process so much easier for me. It took a lot of guesswork out of that that I would say, you know I got at these other companies who I dealt with previously and I just, it was just more of a seamless process when I worked with Bob versus working with other people out there in the dental market.
Dr. Doug Green

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The Founders

Meet Bob

Robert Spiel, MBA

Bob Spiel’s passion is building high-performance teams who deliver exceptional service while doing more, in less time with less stress. His firms, Spiel Consulting and Dentist Partner Pros, transform general and specialty dental practices by building leaders at all levels — with a special focus on building leaders among owners and associate dentists.

Meet Bryton

Bryton Nield

Bryton Nield’s passion is impacting as many lives as possible by creating and supporting successful businesses. He does this by helping create successful teams founded in communication, upside-down leadership, and by creating clear expectations, goals, and metrics. His firm, Dentist Partner Pros, is taking the Dental Industry by storm through taking the industry-standard Associateship 75% failure rate and flipping this on its head to a 90% success rate.

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